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Features of Range Hood

Easy Ejecting Smoking

High Power Fume Resistant Machine  
Compared with traditional 208W Machine, OPPEIN adopts machine power as high as 218-238W of preventing over-voltage, over current and overheating.

125 ° Umbrella-type Smoke Chamber
Compare with traditional straight line shape smoke chamber, it can comprehensively gather rising fumes.

45CM Descend Duct
Negative pressure zone of 45cm descend duct is closer to lampblack, which smokes the fumes more quickly with less distance.

35° Side Suction Structure
According to Human Engineering Theory, it can not only prevent fumes from the intrusion but also save area of space.

Easy Disassembly

U Type Reticulation Structure

Broadening air inlet can prevent mesh from being blocked. As a result of that, range hoods don’t always need to be unpicked and washed.

Easy collocation

Product line covers three major series and 16 kinds of products. Range Hood of overall style and outline dimension can is tailor-made for kitchen cabinet. There is a wide range of colors for range hood panel. You can change the panel according to the integrated kitchen Color.

Features of Cooktop

4 Fan-shaped Oxygenation Storehouse

Through 4 Fan-shaped oxygenation storehouses, air supply of cooker has increased by 30 % and more efficiently combustion. Heating load is up to 4.5 KW, high-efficiency and low-carbon.

2 Kinds of Fire Power Supply

2 kinds of fire power supply can meet the different cooking needs.

360 Degree Stereoscopic Inlet Air

Burner 360 degree stereoscopic inlet air is matching up the 4 Fan-shaped oxygenation storehouses, which makes flame clean without carbolic accumulation.


Intelligent Flameout Protection
When accident flameout happens, protector can be triggered to turn off the gas against leakage.

Child Lock Function
Safe child lock design can avoid injury that may result from children improper use.

E.G.O Pyroelectricity Cooking System
Pyroelectricity cooking system from Germany ensures more stable performance.

Seamless Cooker Surface
In-mold totally enclosed cooker surface and rubber seal can protect cooker from being eroded and be also easy for cleaning.

100% Wrought Brass Distributor

Full set of burner cap are made of wrought brass with antioxidant, withstand high temperatures, fast heat conduction and adequate durability.

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