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Washing System

OPPEIN Washing System centers on the sink in the kitchen . Frequently used kitchen supplies are gather in one place, which makes the cooking process easy and comfortable.

Features of sink

Concealed design , Easy cleaning and durability
Statistics show that sink is of the highest usage frequency and usef for the longest period of time in the kitchen. Almost 65% time ,we have to use the sink for washing .The quality of sink  directly relates to family daily lives. From the actual demand of every family , OPPEIN under counter basin is specially designed for integrated kitchen cabinet, which is more durable and convenient.

Focus on details , Pursuit on Perfect Quality
1. Adopting super strong corrode resistant stainless steel that might last for 30 years
2. Precision wire silk surface treatment, easy cleaning ,from oil pollution.
3. Adopting advanced welding technique , precision welding , non-porous
4. Convenient operation of stainless steel waterlet basket without clogging
5. Adopting the latest drawing process , increasing the sink basin body used space

Humanity design
Postposition drainpipe design
This design has increased by 85% space utilization , and can be matched with trash can , water purifier and sink basket. Adjustable drainpipe is of anti-cracking , funk-partition and durability.

Filtered water control
180 degree rotation, 90 degree functional localization , it is unnecessary to filter water by manual operation.

Complete sealing knife cylinder design
Brand new waterproof structure knife cylinder can totally solve the problem of water leakage and prevent kitchen cabinet
affected with damp Mildew.

Embedded water inlet

It is the first one adopted in domestic market and easily available to facilitate cleaning.

Special antifogging coating
It effectively protects kitchen cabinet from dampness.

Muting pad
Excellent muting system creates quiet home environment.

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